November 2021 update: The game is on the verge of a big update. Following will give you a notification when update devlogs drop!

UPDATES: Added a speed-up feature in WebGL version, simply click Right-click or Spacebar while the turn is active in order to speed through to the end position of the turn. 


Use a mix of necromancy and mind control to summon waves of minions to beat the 10  Grand Wizards of the NecroMansion!

You can only control a few of your units each turn in this game, and the rest act on their own accord- and dont expect them to not try and kill you when not under mind control!

You need to harness the chaos you can summon so that it destroys your opponent, but keep it from destroying you too.



Left Click: Control Units

Right Click OR Spacebar: Play turn / Speed up turn (speed up for WebGL only)

Extra info: spells with "slow" in their tooltip will cast at the end of the turn, after all units stop moving.


Art, Coding, Animation, Design: Me (pipotchi)

Music:  Nematic Fifth:

This was made in 7 days for Brackeys Game Jam! The theme was "Let there be Chaos", so I decided to go with a turn based game where you would have to intentionally swarm the board with angry units that move in a random, unorganised way, killing both friend and foe.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsTurn-based, Turn-Based Combat
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial


Download 27 MB

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It's been two months, but I've finally finished the video about Brackeys Jam best games and your game is one of them:)

Here is the video:

It is premiering November 6th at 13:30 UTC and you are very welcome to join the premiere "live"!

Hi Igor! Thanks for reviewing and sharing the game again :) Im actually busy working on an elevated version of the game and this inspired me to keep working, so thanks a lot

Nice to hear:)

Let me know when you have an update!


Hi! This game was recommended in a list:

Would you like to join my stream where I play jam games of everyone who joins (September 8th, 17:00 UTC):

I'll play your game later anyway, but it would be cool to play it on stream. I don't guarantee positive feedback though. I always give honest feedback and I often don't agree to the received recommendations.

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Hey there- Ill try and be around to watch, but Im gunna warn you I dont think this game is the best for streaming, it takes a pretty long time to complete (most ppl have taken about an hour+) and requires some learning by failure/death to beat all 10 of the wizards. Id prefer if you decide first whether you have patience/timeslot for slower strategy/turn based games also :) if so then Id love to see it