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the power of magnetism is stronger the closer they are together. use your magnet head to pull yourself out of the darkness.

WASD/arrows for movement
Spacebar to jump / leap off walls
Z to use magnet
ESC for menu: (Key Bindings, Navigation, Volume)

all animation, art, design, code by pipotchi (me)
all sounds and music custom made by subjectloser (https://soundcloud.com/subject-loser)

this was made for the Brackeys Game Jam with the theme Stronger Together. I got the idea for magnets being stronger together pretty late and it was a mad rush to pull everything together in 7 days. Thanks for checking out the game and please let me know what you think of it!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(36 total ratings)
Made withUnity, Maya
Tagsbrackeys, Puzzle-Platformer, Short
Average sessionA few minutes


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The game is a bit short but the environment is intriguing and the mechanics of magnetism feel quite good with some curious puzzles, I hope they eventually expand the idea.

The atmosphere feels quite oppressive, with muted colors and those giant machines that react when they feel something move. It makes me think of a world where machines destroyed the world and when there is nothing left they sleep forever until they detect that something still exists in the world. Will there still be a world beyond the storm clouds?

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Very good game, I loved it, the atmosphere,  the graphics, the platforming are all very good, great job!


I love this so much! Art is so cool


Cool game


Beautiful game. I like camera movements and the little creature is very very cute. I like the big robots staring at the little guy at the end, very poggers. The puzzles are interesting and challeging, but not very hard, but very entertaining to do. The concept is very cool and the visuals of the game are insanely pleasing, the color pallete is also pretty. I love that kind of aesthetic. This game could ealy be turned into an interesting full game, i would certainly play it!

I entered this game page thinking it was a mecha tribute to my favorite youtuber, Dream, but I was wrong, and ended with something extremely better. Thank you. :3


This was a very fun game. Great work! 

I just want to say I have a new game out! Totally different, but from the same mind haha https://pipotchi.itch.io/asterogues please check it out if you liked this!


Really hoping this game gets expanded upon because of how amazing it is.

it could happen somewhere down the line. thanks a lot!


Super awesome game! Really enjoyed the magnetic mechanics and music was pretty amazing! Visually it was spectacular, although there were some camera angles that made it difficult to know where things were, like the door on level 1 looked like just a regular metal plate, or the spikes near the end were hard to see and know where was safe.

All in all, super enjoyable! I hope you enjoy my video! 


that was the craziest solution to the end puzzle i saw with the floor and ceiling spikes omg haha. and yea valid points on the  readability of things. check out some of the other vids below for how they did the last one :P thanks for making a recording!


Good game. The mechanics made it tricky while still being enjoyable.

thank you for making a vid! you cleared it pretty quick in the end



good job, thanks for playing!


just beautiful, every frame of this game looks like an art piece. Also, the soundtrack is superb

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Great vibe. Love the feeling of being a little fella in this massive complex with huge dangerous machinery. Gave me MGS2 vibes that way. Also Limbo vibes—the kind of non-verbal atmospheric storytelling. Really dig that. 

Puzzles I feel need a little work. I think there is a seed of something really interesting—the magnetism, pulling and pushing, levitating. But I think they need pushed and refined to make the mechanic feel really fun and interesting. At times it felt frustrating or boring, but the right pacing would make it sing. Comparisons to VVVVVV come to mind here.

And the art, brilliant. Love it.

Super cool, I dig it.


thanks for the feedback, ill definitely think about those things. by the way, mind telling me where you found this? got a slight spike in views recently and wondering why

Like the color and the little guy, the camera has some weird angles and the end is a little sloppy, but i liked it anyway.

Congratulations on the game. I liked the little robot, but the keyboard configuration is a little uncomfortable for me. I hope that there is a customization of controls in the final version. Good work.

thanks for your review! there actually is a customization menu in already, had to press ESC for the menu to do it. haha


great to watch this, thank you for making it :)

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Good job!~good game!!


23:10 - 26:45 Machine Dream Loved the art style and atmosphere of this game!


Well done! I really enjoyed playing this game.

I usually have nitpicks with player movement in general. I've only played this game once but I was pleasantly surprised that I haven't found any. The mechanic was so easy to understand when I was clearing the puzzles.

The standout moments were the ones involving the machines. Their presence felt intimidating which complemented the music and the overall theme so well!

However I will drop a nitpick lol.
I think it's more fitting to have the magnet button on the right side of the keyboard like a 'k' or a 'L' or whatever. I had a hard time pressing the 'z' button while moving the character.

I encourage you to drop a part 2. I'd buy it!

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thanks for the review! you can remap the controls in the menu by pressing ESC. Also, we are working hard on an extended version right now :)

I'd buy a longer version, it's really cool

thanks! we are working on an extended/full version right now!

Such an awesome atmosphere and gorgeous art style! Love the magnetic mechanic.

I do think I got stuck in a puzzle in the second level where the platforms are slowly elevating? I couldn't find a way out >_<

thanks for checking it out! check this walkthrough for solutions :) 


Great work pal !!! Please can you tell me how you achieved this art style.

i used cel shading and stylizer tool that uses a pixellate shader and color limiter on the camera. thank you


Great job!


Deleted 3 years ago

thank you :)

Congrats :D

thank you :D

The camera work is sublime!

thanks for playing!

A game with pretty creative settings! There's a minor bug, though: At the spike trap right in the first image shown on this page, once I pressed Z + ↑ + Space together (awkward move lol), the Z key no longer makes the robot attracted to magnets but instead functions as jumping, too. This can be reproduced sometimes but not always.


hm that is such a strange bug. with some google searching it seems like it could be a unity bug. sorry for that!


I love the atmosphere, very nice game!

thank you :)

very nice game


nice game bro ;)


i love this game so much! the artstyle, the gameplay, the music, teh camera movement and just everything about it!