Asterogues is a shoot-em-up / bullet hell hybrid roguelite where you play as a band of outcasts exiled to the Asteroid Belt on their quest for revenge! Weave your way through the bullet storm and turn the bullets back on your attackers!

Asterogues now has a Steam page! Please wishlist if you enjoy the demo!

The demo is currently playable, showing off the first zone, the Asteroid BeltPlease try it out and leave a review! Try out the new version, featuring new cursed items!

WASD/Arrows: movement

Left Mouse Button: Tap for melee, Hold for your signature attack.
(Pluto: Orbit- Hold to start orbit- bullets that miss get trapped in your orbit. release LMB to fire them at the cursor

Void: Void Hand- hold LMB to start absorbing- bullets and low HP enemies near your hand when it pulses are absorbed and turned to charge. Your next melee releases charge as a bullet spray)
Right Mouse Button: Use active item
Spacebar: Dash

Left Mouse Button to interact with pickups, dialogue and NPCs.

If you'd like updates as they happen and follow the progress of the game, or make suggestions, join the discord!

Music credits:
sirkoto51 ( boss battle theme, hub theme, main theme

Note for Mac users:
Its possible that the Mac download has some problems opening, thanks to being built on a Windows PC in Unity. Here is the steps given to me from a Mac user on how to get around this: "in the directory where the game is located execute this terminal command
chmod +x

then, when it complains about not being verified, go to your system settings > privacy & security and click 'open anyway'".

If this isnt working, please try it out in browser for now and we'll get a better solution for Macs later!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsBullet Hell, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Roguelite, Shoot 'Em Up


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I found neptune underwhelming, then i popped multiple bubbles in one orbit shot...


really fun, also do star shard items remain permanently

I think that the "esc" key should open a pause menu.

Just got a softlock glitch. When I visited the first shop in my run, the platforms leading to the boss room failed to appear.

This game has a lot of potential. Looking forward to the official release. Also, will you guys release it on Steam ?


Thanks a lot! And yes, I just put up a Steam page yesterday to wishlist :)


I loved it. The gameplay is really fun, and I hope that someday you do a complete version.

Its on the way, please stay tuned!


Here's my speedrun of the game for those interested:

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Discord link seems to be inactive.  I found an interesting glitch, figured I'd report it here.

I got 200,000 gold in a run.  Every item I purchased from shop 2 increased my gold by 50,000 and I bought all 4 (including health potion).

Hope this helps, super fun game!  Lots of fun to speedrun

oh thanks, updated it now. Is your version of the game from earlier in the week? All these bugs should be fixed a few days ago. enjoying the speed runs!


great game!


This is pretty polished. Its nice. Are you planning to support controller as well?


when you capture the big bullet that explodes into smaller ones, when you fire it and when it explodes the shrapnel hurts u

The void character needs to be buffed a lot because pluto has way more range and deals more damage but void has low range and low damage. Some buffs that would be nice:  1) either increase pulse range or make it have constant pulsing, and 2) make it so you either get more charge per bullet or buff damage


amazing game, can't wait for the full release. Keep up the good wor


This was such a fun game. I really liked the graphics and the controls were very smooth and responsive. Keep up the great work! 


Great game, loved it! Waiting for full release


Cool game! Found it from this video:


sorry if this is the wrong place to report bugs, I ran into an issue where a reward shrine spawned on me and locked me permanently into the spinning/orbit animation


Very enjoyable game. i'd like to point out a little balance issue, there's an item that gives you 3 more seconds of invincibility it may not look like much but it adds up if you have 6 hearts that gives you 15 seconds of liesury to output free damge without counting the built in I-frames.

Conclusion: I'd change it to 2 seconds instead of 3 (but of course your game you choose how to balance it).

In the meantime i'll be waitng for items to stack and for more bosses. ;)


Yeah, that item is quite strong especially in the current demo. The main game will be a fair bit harder and you wont be able to gain as much HP drops which will help it feel a bit more balanced! But everything will be looked at again for the main release. Thanks so much for playing!


Great game. pretty easy to beat Neptune. I played a few more rounds afterwards to get different combinations, and on one of the runs I got the same special item three times, one of which was in shop.  It did not seem to improve the item, so I was wondering if it was an error.


Oh yes, right now the demo doesn't check to see what items you currently have when offering new ones. Something thats on my list. Thanks for playing, and expect more difficulty in the main release! :)


Really really good. Games like this are my bread and butter and so far there are a lot of really good ideas and polish. The orbit mechanic is super unique and fun. Some points that I thing could make this so much better.

1.) It honestly feels to easy at this point. Health is incredibly common. This is difficult to balance, but the best roguelikes should take multiple runs to survive the first area (to the first boss). I was able to beat it pretty easily on first try.

2.) In current state the melee function seems useless. I think the melee allowing you to deflect/destroy projectiles could make it more viable, along with some mods that make melee more powerful.

3.) This is a difficult point, but making more diverse and interesting mods that completely alter the playstyle. Right now the mods more or less just make you stronger. For a roguelike to have re-playability, it needs to feel somewhat different every time. Think of ways to alter the orbit mechanic that could make you have to approach things completely differently.

4.) The environments should be more interactive. Think traps, explosives, interactable mechanics, etc.

5.) As someone else pointed out, It seems a little confusing to navigate at first. After the first room it becomes clear that you should just exit up though. This could be more interesting by creating a choice here. Either make each area a map with connected rooms and provide a minimap to the player (include unique rooms, locked rooms that require items, shops, minibosses, etc., Binding of Isaac and Gungeon do this great). Or you can provide branching paths at the end of each room that the player has to decide between (Hades and Slay the Spire are good examples).

All of that is not meant to say this doesn't seem great at current state. I'm sure the finished product will be a really fun game and I'm excited to follow your progress!


Thanks for the detailed feedback and suggestions- Ill touch on a few parts.

Regarding difficulty, please know that the final release will be much more of a challenge especially with regards to health drops!  The goal of this demo is to show players everything and act as something of an extended tutorial. It'll get significantly harder :)

As for melee, its something of a last resort when out of meter or final hit (a bit like games like Overwatch). I'm adding some item routes for players to go full melee if they like, but really the main gameplay is revolving around the character's signature attacks. The game almost didnt have a melee attack, but it felt annoying when meterless and when waiting to hit an opponent at 1 hp.

All the rest of the points, I'll definitely take them on board and try and implement (some of these things are already on the board, just didnt make it into the demo!). thanks for playing and thanks again for feedback!

I do like how the melee is like a last resort but it feels lackluster in my opinion. I like that you have the second class to choose from which is great but is it possible to have a class that throws the melee weapon or just a melee oriented class? The main reason is that I think it would be a fun challenge for the player but in the end it is your decision. But one thing I did notice is that I could not hit Neptune with my melee so if possible can you try to make sure that the future bosses can still be hit by melee? It's just a personal preference and I doubt many players would try to hit the boss with melee so take it with a grain of salt.


Love the orbit mechanic! super unique and feels rewarding.

It feels like it's a bit difficult (especially before the pattern is established) to know which way to go once you've cleared a room. As far as my suggestion, making the color of platforms stand out a bit more against the background/ making the navigation arrow bigger and maybe making it blue or yellow for contrast/ making progression more horizontal so more would be visible on the screen seem like they could work.

Keep up the great work!!


I am obviously not the dev, but maybe they wanted it that way? I’m unsure. 

Thank you, yeah I'll work on making that clearer!


It was fun.  Beat Neptune on my first run, using Pluto.  Assume you will play through 9 stages in the full version going through the planets to the Sun in order.  Having no spammable ranged attack is interesting.


Nice, thank you! It will likely be split into smaller runs than 9 total but you will need to beat multiple planets in one run


is it alright if i try to stream this on twitch sometime


Please go ahead!

Had a fun time with the demo. I really enjoy the mechanic of catching the bullets in your "orbit". I played for about 14 minutes and encountered a bug, I believe. After I cleared the room and entered the shop, all the items cost were negative and actually dropping gradually as I watched. I bought all four items and ended up with like 135,000 coins. Then, it seemingly was a dead end. The game was telling me to go up but there was nothing to land on.

I like how the enemies spawn in. I think a map would be nice as well. I do realize this is a demo. 

I think loading up a hug mag of bullets then slinging them is very satisfying.

Keep up the good work.

Hi there- I actually saw this happen once before, and Im searching to replicate it right now. Do you know which character you were playing, as well as anything else you can remember about the run/pickups/anything preceding this? If you dont remember thats okay! Thanks a lot for checking it out and I'll get it fixed soon enough :)

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there is a bug that the bridge doesnt spawn i was playing void but yeah its just that its a good game have finished it but more bosses and not just neptune like other planets and more shard upgrades and characters also being able to save would be nice  because i keep losing my shard


Thanks for finishing, this is the demo right now so there will be more in the future! I will try and find this bridge spawning bug


watch this video now

Cool video, thank you!


thanks man you have no idea what this means to me I appreciate it


damn, had a bug that next "room" bridge platforms didn't spawn :(

Sorry that happened, were you fighting the enemy that shoots out other enemies? If so I'll look into a fix


Great game. I'm excited for more content.

Thanks, more on the way! Updates will come through the discord

Ive made a discord if youd like to keep up to date with progress, give feedback and suggestions etc :) feel free to join!


So cool and polished visually. Great work! Hope to see more soon :D


thanks so much! glad you liked it. i made a discord if you want to tag along with progress